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Something long over due

Title: Something long over due
Author: Me
I used to sit there waiting, waiting for you to knock on my door, call and just say my name..
Rating: PG-13
Diaclaimer: This is not real, =)
Note: song-fic, pretty short.

I used to sit there waiting, waiting for you to knock on my door, call and just say my name, anything, I waited for it. I know what I did was stupid, I know I made a mistake, I knew it as I did it, I knew the whole time.

I'm jaded, stupid, and reckless.
Not sorry, and I'll never regret.
These years spent so faded and reckless,
not sorry, and I'll never regret...
I'm jaded, stupid, and reckless.
Not sorry, and I'll never regret these years.

You knew I was a fuck up, I’d fuck up. You knew, I told you, but you wouldn’t hear it. You told me, you said “Listen to me Tony, I love you, sure you do stupid shit, people make mistakes, but I love you” You said it, and you were right. I do stupid shit, I make mistakes, a hell of a lot of them, and you were the worst one.
I keep all our memories though, I don’t forget a thing, and I keep them close to my heart where no one else can see but you.

We'll never forget the places we've been, you and I.
Our lives are slipping away.
Don't want to let time pass us by, by...


Now here I sit, so far away.
Remembering all our memories.
Its times like these that I miss you most,
remembering when we were so close.

I’ve been thinking about it, the only ‘it’, you and I. Reminiscing and reliving, I find myself wanting to reminisce and relive and even live memories to come with you. I miss you so much, and you don’t even know, I always wonder why I ever let you go.

All the summer nights spent wondering;
So many questions asked, but no one's answering.
Would it be okay if I left today?
Took my chances on what you said was wrong?

One drunken night and I walked away. I left my heart, my home, my life behind, I left you. You begged me not to go, but I wasn’t even listening. Not to you yelling, not to you crying, not to you pleading, not to you whispering, not to a single word. I didn’t hear it, I felt it, and I feel it now. I was scared, I know it’s stupid, but I was scared. Scared of loving you, and what that meant, and how much I actually did. I knew you were something worth having when I met you; I knew you’d not only steal my heart, but all of me with it. I knew there was a reason I met you

There's a time and place, for everything.
There's a reason why, certain people meet.
There's a destination, for everyone.
What's the explanation, when we're done?

This is my explanation for every stupid thing I’ve done, every mistake. Out of all my mistakes, you were my worst and my greatest, I’m sorry I ever let you down, but I’m telling you now, Joel, I love you.

comments are appreciated, thank you for reading. ♥

song: Jaded by Mest feat. Benji Madden

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