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The Seduction - Part 3

Title: The Seduction
Part: 3 of 3
Author: youbrat
Pairing: Billy Martin (GC)/Here he comes!
Rating: Lets say R
Disclaimer: Don't own, although I REALLY wish that I did, and not real, no matter how much we wish it was.
Author's Note/Dedication: For my girls x_stoked_x no_longer_care and to my beta biofucked.If all goes the way I hope and plan it to, this is the prologue to a chapter story, but it all depends on the muses, so if you like this,hope the muses (and work, cuz that's where I write) treat me kindly.
Summary: Billy Martin, whore for hire and his most seductive job yet. He enters hotel room #666.

Part 1 // Part 2

( The Seduction - Part 3 )
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