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Good Charlotte Slash
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Welcome to all_iwant, a LJ community for anything and everything to do with Good Charlotte Slash.

♥Anything related to slash is allowed e.g. pictures, fiction, quotes, fanart, etc. as long as it involves Good Charlotte.
♥ Pictures, fics and any more than four icons must be put under a LJ cut. Go here for an explanation of creating one.
♥Do not be unnecessarily harsh or rude to other members. Any instance of this will result in an immediate banning from this community.
No off-topic posts.
♥No promoting of other sites, communities or RPGs.
♥Slash involves a male/male relationship so if you do not like this, then please don't even consider joining. Any homophobic or self-important rants will be deleted, and you will be immediately banned.
♥ If you do not like twincest, then please don’t read an entry concerned with that topic. This is a community for all pairings in Good Charlotte, which will include Benji/Joel. Don’t like, don’t read. Simple.

♥All ratings of fiction are allowed here, but please state the rating of the fic when posting.
♥Any pairing within Good Charlotte is allowed, including ex-band members.
♥Crossover fics are allowed.
♥ Reviews are always appreciated by the author, but unnecessarily cruel or insulting comments will not be tolerated. Please leave constructive criticism if you feel there is an issue that needs addressing.

Minnie (wakethefallen) has taken over from Kat (xforeverjadedx as the mod of this community. Feel free to e-mail her at imestmyself@yahoo.co.nz if you have anything to ask.

The authors in this community do not know, nor have the rights, to any persons/characters used in their fiction. Their writing is purely fictional and therefore never happened. They do not aim to cause any offence in their writing. This community is based merely on speculation, and is not implying that any members of Good Charlotte are in relationships together. Although it would be nice.

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