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Title: Untitled or Beautiful Photographs
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Bibe [oh beautiful OTP]
Summary: Inspired by a picture sour_kitty posted to her journal, to which I commented, "I know that right after that picture Benji was cupping Billy's nipples and there was knee against crotch action." This is that knee against crotch action. And more!
Notes: Pictures included. Hourrah for visuals! The first is the [should-be] nipple cuppage. Also, I love PWP. Any mistakes are my own

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Image hosting by Photobucket

Billy wakes up first today, which is unusual. Usually he wakes up to the feeling of Benji's hard cock on his belly or back, a mouth sucking on his neck and painted fingers rubbing his nipples. Then it's just a matter of rearrangement of body parts to get to wake-up sex. Wake-up sex is Billy's favourite, but last night had been amazing.

Billy poses for a picture, holding his coat open to show off the Level 27 hoodie he's wearing. There's a click and the shutter snaps, the photographer staying for a moment to watch his impromptu model. In that moment Benji pounces, playfully cupping Billy's nipples, lifting his leg to rub on Billy's groin. Looking at the camera Benji purses his lips and sucks in his cheeks, model chic. The photographer moves away, not interested in their homoerotic antics. When he's gone Benji drops a hand to graze over Billy's cock.

Yawning Billy pushes his hair out of his eyes and scoots over to where Benji is sleeping sprawled naked on his back. He leans on Benji's side, one hand on Benji's tattooed belly. Making a contented "mmm" noise he leans more. Benji smells like sweat and last night's cologne.

Throwing his shirt at Billy Benji watches Billy smell the shirt and Jesusshit! is it hot. Benji climbs onto the bed quickly and holds Billy's face still so they can kiss. Their tongues touch and Billy moans pulling Benji close. His cock is warm on Benji's stomach, even through the boxer-brief fabric.

Benji pushes his boyfriend back and pushes his thighs open. He leans down and presses an open-mouthed kiss to the tented fabric and Billy moans again, his name this time, "Benj..."

One thing hand makes a slow circle on Benji's stomach, moving down to rub over a thigh, ghosting over the cock, then the other thigh. Benji grunts softly when Billy's hand gently touches his shaft again and Billy stifles a smile in Benji's shoulder. Slowly, Billy can feel Benji starting to get hard.

When Benji's more erect (it doesn't take long) Billy slithers down his body pressing random kisses, the last one on the side of Benji's dick. Before he does anything Billy opens his mouth and turns his septum up. He doesn't like giving head with his septum down; it always bumps into his upper lip. When it's all safely tucked away Billy starts licking.

Billy's underwear is halfway down his thighs, and pulled tight because Billy has his legs open as much as possible because Benji's doggedly fucking him with three fingers while sucking on the tip of his cock. Benji's glad for the millionth time that they live alone, because Billy's moaning continuously. And it's not quiet either. When they tour they're both likely to be hit with shoes or books at anytime.

Benji's awake almost instantly, plunking his hands into Billy's messy hair pulling in the way that makes Billy's mouth dip lower.

"G'morning, babe," Benji rumbles. "Fancy seeing you down there this early." Billy looks up at him with dark eyes and the ghost of a smile lights his face. He pulls off with a slurp and smiles properly.

"Figured I owed you for last night." Billy's voice is rough with barely forgotten sleep and new arousal. He presses his lips to Benji's cock, then sucks the length back in. Benji makes a noise that is part hearty laugh, part moan and hits a loose fist on the mattress.

"Shit!" Billy yelps, his ankles over Benji's shoulders, back on a pillow so Benji goes deep. He's rubbing the head of his dick to Benji's thrusts, Benji's hands in fists on either side of his head.

"Like it?" Benji's voice is like milk, cool and creamy. Billy shivers.

"Yeah, uh-huh." He pumps his hips up as much as possible and thinks to himself, be tight. Benji groans and presses Billy's hips even harder into the bed.

Benji lets Billy suck him for a few minutes but since it's morning he pulls his lover up before long. They kiss and both their bodies are taut, straining against each other.

"You're fucking beautiful," Benji says as his mouth finds a nipple. He's not surprised when he gets a gentle cuff on the back of the head, before thin fingers find purchase in his short hair. While Benji sucks and licks at his chest Billy fumbles for the lube on the edge of the bedside and lubes his lover's dick. Then he sinks down, moaning at the open feeling, gripping Benji's neck.

At first, they just grind, Billy's tongue sloppy on Benji's lips, his hips moving in a slow circle, keeping up with the second hand on the alarm clock. Three minutes of kissing and stroking, breath over lips and eyes taking it all in.

Aside from the ticking and the hum of the heating, the house is quiet, still.

The bed hitting the wall is loud. Benji bites Billy's neck, and the younger man howls. This is exactly what Benji loves. Rubbing against Billy at that party had just been the beginning. If only the photographer was here now.

The drive home had been frantic, the radio buzzing in between stations. Billy humming, driving unsafely, knowing the only thing keeping Benji from grabbing the wheel was his desire to throw Billy into their bed at home.

"Think...they'll wonder...where we are?" Billy pants, hands against Benji's fitful ribs.

"No. Uh, Joel always knows when this happens. He can cover." Benji leans down awkwardly to mash his lips on Billy's, mumbling tender sentiments to him.

"Love you," Billy whispers, close to Benji's mouth. He wants to preserve the quietness of the morning.

"Love you too." Hands find Billy's hips and guide his rocking. They pick up the pace, comfortable in their love-making niche. Benji cups Billy's cheeks like he often does and Billy goes for Benji's nipples.

"God," Billy says, starting to stroke himself, as if it's really God he's praying to. Benji moves in just the right way and suddenly, Billy knows who he's praying to: "Benji!"

"Baby," Benji says, and it's just that one word before they kiss again, moving faster. Billy's squeezing the head of his cock the way he does when he wants to come and to impress Benji and it's all Benji can do to not drool. Benji lends a hand to help and moans when Billy comes on him.

He's not done yet though so Benji fucks Billy, who is complacent enough, cooing at him, "C'mon, you fucking bitch, come in me." He scoops up a little cum and feeds it to Benji, who lets his cheeks hollow around his lover's finger in a semi-mockery of his bulimic chic cheeks. Billy laughs, and it's the sound and the next fingerful of cum that get him.

"Oh, Jesus." Benji growls, his hips tight against Billy's.

"I'm gonna..." Billy whimpers, but Benji cuts him off.

"No before, uh," Benji thrusts quickly, his body tightening with his orgasm. He nips at Billy's ankle, getting another helpless noise, thrusting a few more times. Then he grins at his lover, who is red-cheeked and drowsy-eyed. "Me," he finishes, pulling out.

His hands go first for his mouth, one lick on each palm before he bats away Billy's hand and picks up the pace. Billy squirms and moans, a hand on the back of Benji's head when he leans down to let Billy come into his mouth.

Benji swallows his mouthful, that grin still on his face and in his eyes. "Beautiful, beautiful."

Benji opens his eyes, not even aware he had closed then, and it's Billy's grinning face he sees. Billy leans in for a kiss before slowly getting off Benji and reaching for the kleenex on the night stand. He uses a few for himself and hands Benji some. They both yawn and the clock reads 10:37 AM. Billy scratches his nose and turns his septum down as Benji tugs the covers up off the floor. Billy is more than happy to snuggle under the proffered blankets and into Benji's chest.

Billy's eyes are closed as Benji fusses with the duvet but he's smiling, saying, "Beautiful, beautiful."
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